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2010 IGF Remote participation HUB in Nairobi - 14th to 17th Sept.

Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) in conjunction  with  Multimedia University will be hosting a remote participation HUB at the KeNIC Offices  from 16th September 2010 - 17th September 2010. The remote participation was earlier scheduled to take place at the Multimedia University, but has been changed due to technical issues.

You can follow 5th IGF sessions on Webcast http://webcast.intgovforum.org/

Participants who would like to participate at the Kenya IGF HUB please register be sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Remote participants will be able to follow the meeting taking place in Vilnius by watching videocasts or listening to audiocasts from the meeting rooms and reading real-time closed captioning.

Remote participants will be able to interact with the meeting by sending text questions, using the remote participation platform (Webex). These questions will be forwarded to the panel moderator when he/she opens the floor for questions from the audience.

Hubs are also encouraged to send short pre-recorded video questions or statement (2-3 min) outlining key issues on the local discussion agenda. Hubs will be also allowed to join with real-time video message.
The links to access each meeting room will be provided before the IGF. Remote participants should take a look at the IGF schedule available here to see the room and the time of the session they would like to follow.

In order to convert Vilnius local time into your time zone, you can visit this website.

During the IGF, you can also use social network platforms to take part in the Internet Governance Dialogue:

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More information on Remote hub: Nairobi, Kenya
  Multimedia University ( By Kenya Network Information Centre)
Number of Expected Participants within the Hub:
Possible area(s) of interest within the 5 main IGF themes:
.Security, openness and privacy, Access and diversity
.Managing critical Internet resources
.Internet governance for development (IG4D),
.Taking stock of Internet governance and the way forward,
.Emerging issues: cloud computing.
Planned Pre-meeting activities: .
Kenya Internet Governance Forum - 29th July 2010, Nairobi
East Africa Internet Governance Forum (EA-IGF) - 11-13 August  2010, Kampala Uganda
Hub Coordinator:
Paul Museeh, Technical Manager
Kenya  Network Information Centre (KENIC) 


Ministry of ICT