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IGF 2010 Workshop 63: Strengthening ccTLDs in Africa report

This workshop aims is to identifying trends in the management of Africa’s country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) and strategies to strengthen them. The workshop presented findings of the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC) supported research project that is focusing on the strategic evaluation of the evolution, management, positioning and contribution of ccTLDs as a critical component of the Internet infrastructure in Africa and work being conducted to improve the administration and governance of ccTLDs.

Based on data collection and input from the IGF workshop, the research will propose strategies for strengthening Africa’s ccTLDs so that they can contribute to the appropriation of the internet for socio-economic, cultural, and political development.

The East African IGF (EA-IGF10) held in Kampala Uganda, recommended that the first priority should be on the strengthening of regional ccTLDs, after which consideration can be given to the proposed regional gTLDs, including .EAC and. AFRICA 

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